4 Simple Goals for December

7:21 AM

We are getting toward the end of the year, so of course, my thoughts are turning to new starts and resolutions.  I'm big on starting fresh, wiping the slate clean.  There is just something so optimistic, so hopeful about beginning again.  And I get the chance every month with my 4 Simple Goals...
But if I have to be honest, I will admit that I'm just not that good about following through with them.  I lay them out in the opening days of the month, rarely look at them again, and never truly evaluate whether or not I've successfully met my goals.  
This line of thinking is a bit of a bummer as the year winds down, but luckily my irrepressibly optimistic spirit is already planning to do better in the future.  And why not?  Maybe this month will be the one I carefully track my progress toward my goals.  Where I evaluate my efforts, learn from my mistakes, and become a better me.
Why not?
My 4 Simple Goals for December:
1.  Have fun at the Minnesota State CX Championships.  There are years when having fun at this race is easier than eating a donut for breakfast (mmm...donuts...).  Throw down some epic snow like we have had the last couple of years and only the Grinch himself wouldn't have a blast sliding around the course in Crystal.  But this year the seven day forecast is predicting freezing temperatures with highs in the low teens and not a snowflake in sight.  Having fun this year might actually take a bit of effort...and maybe a flask hidden in the skinsuit...

2.  Rest.  Enough said.  After next weekend, no biking for the rest of December.  Well, except for the commute.  
3.  Remember that I have a house.  Yup.  And if you ignore the house it starts to fall apart.  Time to get back to some house projects to spiffy this place up.  First?  Paint the stairs.
4.  Finish reading TransAtlantic, by Colum McCann.  I am slowly making my way back into reading, and I credit this book for drawing me in with its simple prose and elegant descriptions.  

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