A Rest Week Becomes Two...

8:09 AM

Holy cow, it has been two weeks since I’ve gotten my heart rate above a resting beat.  And I don’t seem to care.  
Since the MN CX State Championships I’ve done nothing.  The first week was completely intentional - I was still trying to get rid of a lingering virus I picked up the weekend of Jingle Cross, and was frankly tired after a long CX season.  
The second week began with good intentions.  I decided I would use the week to ease into yoga and strength training, but never really got beyond a session of each where I focused on Child’s Pose and a couple of ab-sets.  
And now it’s been two weeks, the Spouse is out on a run, and I have absolutely no intention of doing anything to combat my tightening jeans and winter blahs.  
But there is a hint that this attitude may change.  After all, I have twelve days off of work (woo-hoo!), my Christmas shopping is done, and the weather outside isn’t all that frightful.  I’m not thinking about doing anything drastic, like, today.  Maybe tomorrow.

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