4 Simple Goals for January

7:56 AM

Oh, how I do love New Year’s Resolution time.  The possibilities!  The error-free beginning!  The complete ignorance of the fact that all your resolutions from last year have totally fallen by the wayside!

Yep, they are absolutely silly and yet I make them every year.  This year I only have one resolution: to attend to my 4 Simple Goals in a more meaningful and intentional way.  I make my goals every month, but then often forget that I have even made them.  Just writing them down on day 1 isn’t enough - I need to do a better job of taking concrete steps to follow through.  

With that in mind, my 4 Simple Goals for January…

Mind - I finally sat down in late December and put together a list of desired books at the library in an attempt to kick-start my reading.  It seems to have done the trick, as books are now arriving on a regular basis for me to check out.  I should finish Wild by Cheryl Strayed today, and would like to get through two more books on the list by the end of January.

Body - January in Minnesota is hard, always has been, always will be.  This year we have good snow, but bone-chilling temperatures (if we are lucky we will hit 4-degrees today).  Fitness goals always need to be modest, so in January I would like to re-establish my running routine with two runs a week.

Enrichment - Over winter break I started a home improvement project that will (hopefully!) not sprawl too much: painting and refinishing our 100-year-old staircase.  One step in the plan that is coming up will involve something new for me when I have to strip, re-glue, and refinish the original stair treads (new ones would have been $25 a piece, so I’m suddenly into DIY).  Time to learn the process!

Fun - One benefit of crazy-cold and still-dark January?  More time to go out to the movies!  And in January there are plenty to choose from, as the Oscar contenders make their way into the theaters.  The movie at the top of my list for January?  Philomena - Judi Dench and Steve Coogan?  Yes!

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