Planning & Dreaming & Thinking of Moab

9:03 AM

It starts as an idea that someone floats...another picks it up...still another jumps on board...and with enough time, enthusiasm, and a good organizer you can have actual plans for an actual vacation to an actual awesome place like Moab.

It is looking like I may be headed out to Moab, Utah on a road trip with some teammates in early April...I cannot wait!  The sad reality is that in the past year I have not traveled farther than Wisconsin and Iowa.  This is pathetic.  This must change.

With that in mind (and my unintentionally adopted motto for 2014: Why not?) I’ve jumped on board with a social situation (group vacation?  No Spouse for a week?) that I would not normally consider.  However, it is looking like it will be a great group of people in an area that offers plenty of mountain bike and road ride action.  

First decision: what bike(s) do I bring?

Road or mountain?  At first, I thought this was a no-brainer - my mountain bike is, by far, my nicest bike and it would be cruel to leave my baby behind.  But the trails in Moab are universally hard-packed - I’m thinking they will be more like the trails I was able to ride in Gunnison - so my hardtail bike might be a bit more punishing than I want.  Plus, now I get to rent an awesome bike!
Not Moab (it's Gunnison), but I'm thinking Moab might be like this...
Second decision: what mountain bike to rent?

Oh, so many possibilities!  I’m mainly looking at two bike shops: Chile Pepper Bike Shop and Poison Spider Bicycles.  Chile Pepper offers Giant, Devinci, and Turner.  Poison Spider will rent Yeti, Niner, Pivot, and Ibis.  While I originally thought I would go with a 29er (what I currently ride), I figure this might be a great opportunity to try out a 27.5  and really see if it is the best of both worlds.  Like many people, I’m not convinced that the world needs the 27.5 - it smacks more of a marketing grab for bucks.  Why not try it out and see?

So: I want a full-suspension, 27.5 inch, high-end (why not?) bike.  I’m down to two candidates, both from Poison Spider: the Pivot Mach 6 XT Kit and the Ibis Mojo HDR.  I cannot imagine I will be disappointed with either of them...
Pivot Mach 6
Ibis Mojo

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