4 Simple Goals for March

1:18 PM

Once again the local weathermen and women are reminding us Minnesotans, with a sly touch of irony in their voices, that March marks the beginning of “meteorological spring.”
The concept of meteorological spring is clearly too stupid for words, as it is now -2 degrees outside and my sidewalk is flanked by snow piles that top off at over four feet.  Stupid weather-people.  Suckering me in with the S-word.  
Still, I look to March with optimism because I know that even if this winter continues its death-grip on the Northland for the next 31 days I will be able to escape with a planned spring break trip.  Ha!
It is in that spirit of eternal-spring-optimism that I make my 4 simple goals for March.
Mind  Slowly, slowly I am getting back into a reading life, but in an embarrassing way.  The books I was actually able to finish last month, while they weren’t chick-lit (ugh...hate that term…), could definitely be called chick-lit-adjacent.  I cannot even acknowledge them publicly.  Still, I’m happy to be reading again so for March I will keep the bar low and just look to finish three books.  Any three books.

Body  Enough of this.  In a month’s time I will be on a mountain bike riding some of the most loved trails in America, and I don’t want to be huffing and puffing the whole way.  My goal for March is to get back into shape no matter the costs.  If riding the Whole Enchilada means prepping through boring hours on the spinner, then that is what I’ll do.  Head down.  Spin the pedals.  
Enrichment  I will lazily keep my February enrichment goal for March, since the staircase project has not moved forward by a single inch.
Fun  This is a strange one.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve actually had some fun while cooking...very odd.  Since turning from my vegetarian ways about 6 months ago, I’ve rediscovered not only the taste of  meat, but the taste of everything else with meat.  For March I would like to tackle something I haven’t tried in over 10 years: homemade bread.

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