March in Review

7:07 AM

March has been a month of change, and that is a very good thing.  

Minnesota still has not dragged itself into full spring, but we are almost there.  The snow and ice continue to wage war on the streets and sidewalks of St. Paul, but it is a losing battle as more melts each day.

For me the month has also brought on much change.  I have felt a loosening of my OCD to the point where I can actually imagine a world where I am not plagued with intrusive thoughts and ridiculous routines.  Thank you meditation and pharmacology.  I've found a nice groove with my meditation practice and yoga is now something that is a natural part of my day.  

Most importantly the final days of March have brought geographic change, as I write this from warm Moab, Utah.  We arrived yesterday afternoon with enough time for me to pick up my bike (I selected the Rocky Mountain Altitude) but not enought time to hit the trails.  Today I ride dirt for the first time in...months.

Here's to change.  March was a good reminder that change is not always a bad thing.

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