This Week...

4:21 PM

This week I started the 100 Happy Days challenge.  It is pretty simple: you take a picture daily for 100 days of something that makes you happy and share it via your preferred social network (Instagram for me).  

Why do it?  I admit, it is really silly, but I am always up for a challenge (apparently 71% of people who sign up fail to complete the challenge).  Plus, it has been a terrible winter, so this challenge will serve a dual purpose of reminding me of my present happiness as we move into warmer weather.  By my calculations, we will be in full summer at the end of my 100 days.  Yipee!

So here is my first seven of my 100 days:

Day 1: Yup, I did what every stylist begs you not to do - I cut bangs into my hair, and I couldn't be happier with them!  Score one for YouTube video tutorials!

Day 2: Getting my craft on.  I needed a yoga bag to carry my stuff on my upcoming vacation and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out my new sewing machine.  I've now made four yoga bags, tweaking the pattern each time, and I am slowly regaining my eighth-grade home economics skills.

Day 3: The bike commute is now firmly established in my routine, and every day I get a reminder of why I do it when I cruse past gigantic potholes when Lexington Avenue parallels my bike path route.  The cars have to slow down so much to navigate the moonscape that I actually pass them on my bike!

Day 4: Sometimes being happy is making lemonade from lemons.  Day 4 saw me going home from work early because of a nasty virus, but sleep, hot cocoa, and catching up on The Good Wife made everything better.

Day 5: My caption for this photo is simple: It's melting...melting!

Day 6: Back to snow on the ride home.  Snow + lots of puddles = a very wet and cold Merry*Death.  Still, it is pretty even this far into spring...

Day 7: One thing I love about my bike commute - I get to see some beautiful sunrises on my way into work.

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