4 Simple Goals for April

9:22 AM

To begin, I am grateful to be in Utah on this first day of April.  Back home they are getting a nice April Fools joke of 20 degrees and snow.  Ugh.  I also know that my goals for this month are definitely shaped by the optimism that only comes with incredible rides on the dirt, warm temperatures, and good friends.  

My 4 Simple Goals for April:

Mind:  I brought along a big book on vacation - Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin.  There is no way I will finish it by the time I get back home, but I will definitely work to get it done by the sett of May.

Body:  Now that the snow is finally receding in Minnesota, my training for the Almonzo can begin in ernest.  My plan is to find a different gravel ride every weekend in April and post it for my teammates to join.  We have a good group from the team signed up this year and it would be  great to get some miles in together.

Enrichment:  Oh, the staircase project.  It continues, mainly because the Spouse and I are so much better at starting DIY than finishing.  Ok, scale things back.  In April I want to paint and stain the stairs.

Fun:  I'm not always on the leading edge of what is cool.  In fact, I'm usually about a year behind.  This means I have recently discovered the Netflix series House of Cards and Kevin Spacey's evil and strangely sympathetic character.  Finishing the first season of this show will definitely bring some fun to those April days when it is too cold and windy to bike.

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