This Week...

6:59 AM

This week my 100 Happy Days project has been easy to maintain as I spend my spring break in the mountain biking Mecca of Moab, Utah.  Here's to vacations that are both exhausting and exhilarating!

I snapped this photo out the car window as we left the Twin Cities.

We stopped and spent Saturday night in the Colorado ski resort of Breckinridge - beautiful mountain view out of our hotel room, and amazing crepes from a stand down the street.   Mmm...Nutella and banana...

For our first full day of mountain biking we eased into the trails by riding Moab Brands.  We also learned that any trail named Sidewinder is going to be an excellent ride.

Tuesday found us at Klondike Bluff snapping silly pictures of friends on rocks and enjoying a great and rocky descent.

By Wednesday we were ready for the big stuff and headed out to Pothole Arch at Amasa Back.  Storms made our way down a little exciting, but we stayed dry.

Thursday was a double - the most important trail was Slickrock in the morning.  Slickrock taught me that when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone you can discover you are capable of so much more than you thought.

Last morning in Moab - sad to leave the trails, but happy to be going home to the Spouse.

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